Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request

Report any emergency maintenance by calling 248-627-4239 and pressing 5.

If you have a true emergency; please call 911 for the proper authorities. All non-emergency service issues must be reported by logging in to your account and adding a new service issue. Diamond Forest Properties will only handle the following 3 concerns/issues after hours:

1.) Fire, or anything that could cause a fire, electrical or otherwise.
2.) Flood, continuous water flow into the rental unit and can not be shut off.
3.) Personal Injury, if someone’s health or well-being is at risk.

If these occur during normal business hours, please contact our office at (248) 627-4239. Diamond Forest Properties can be reached after-hours (for emergencies only) by calling the above phone number and choosing the prompt for after-hours true maintenance emergencies.

When you add a service issue from this website it is clearly understood that the maintenance and upkeep of your rental is a shared responsibility between you (the tenant) and your landlord. Please refer to your lease and house rules for further clarification on tenant responsibilities for maintenance of your rental. We look forward working with you and keeping your apartment/house in good condition. Also, it is clearly understood that if the service needed is determined to be the responsibility of you, the tenant, we will still be glad to remedy the issue, but a fee not less than $35.00 may apply and be due and payable at time of service. Please take the time to read the Maintenance Tips provided to you to help avoid these types of charges.

After you have reviewed the above, Log In to submit a maintenance request.