Maintenance Tips

The tips below will help walk you through maintaining your apartment or house rental as defined in your lease & house rules for what repairs and/or maintenance are tenant responsibilities. If you are unsuccessful in remedying your service issue after trying these tips, please log in to your account and submit a new service issue. If you need to report a maintenance issue, contact our office at 248-627-4239 ext 252. For after-hours true maintenance emergencies call the office number and press 5 to be transferred to the on-call maintenance staff.

Toilet and/or Plumbing Issues

  • If toilet is leaking turn off water at base.
  •  If toilet is clogged- plunge it first before contacting your landlord. This is a tenant responsibility, if your landlord must come out and clear clog you will be charged a minimum of $35.00.
  • Hold down handle longer or flush second time to ensure proper vacating of toilet.
  • If toilet will not flush- open back lid on toilet and be sure flapper chain is still connected to flush arm.

Low Water Pressure or No Hot Water

  • Check pressure of other faucets- if it is only happening in one faucet- unscrew the aerator at the faucet spout and clean out any small debris.
  • Check thermostat setting.
  • Gas water heaters- be sure pilot light is lit (instructions can be found on the water heater).
  • Electric water heaters- be sure main breaker panel to make sure the 220V furnace breaker is not tripped.

Water Leak

  • Isolate when and where leak is coming from before calling maintenance.
  • If occurs when toilet is flushed- turn off the water going to the toilet and call the office.
  • If occurs when a bath is taken- use shower until maintenance can fix the leak.

Furnace & Air Conditioning Issues

  • Be sure the thermostat is set on AUTO and not fan.
  • If there is no air coming out of vents, check condition of air filter & replace if needed. (Be sure to note the size from your current filter).
  • If you have a light switch in your furnace closet, put it to the “on” position.
  • If unit is frozen outside turn the thermostat to “off” so unit defrosts. Wait 4 hours and turn it back on. Common problem in extreme heat.
  • Do not set the thermostat below 70 degrees. That is what causes it to freeze.
  • If door is removed to access filter, it must be secured properly in order for unit to turn back on.
  • Safety feature will not allow gas to get a pilot light unless its vent cover is securely attached. This may be indicated with a flashing light.
  • Check condensation line/tube when water is around furnace area. You may have to unplug drain hole.
  • Check breaker box to ensure breaker has not tripped.

Pest Control

  • Move in boxes attract bugs, especially in storage areas. Secure belongings in sealed containers, such as Rubbermaid boxes.
  • Roaches: Use bombs and wait 2 weeks for treatment to take effect.
  • Ants: We suggest using Terro, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. Follow directions on can.
  • Mice: Use traps


  • If dishwasher will not fill up with water and you have just moved in pour approximately ½ gallon of water in the basin inside the dishwasher and start it again.
  • If debris appears on dishes after wash cycle, clean filter at bottom.

Electrical Outlets are Not Working

  • Reset GFI by pushing button in middle of outlet (usually a red button)
  • GFI units are usually in kitchen, bathroom & garage.
  • Check breaker box to be sure switch has not been tripped.


  • CLOGGED DRAINS- Pour ½ cup of vinegar + 1 teaspoon of baking soda down the drain.
  • WASH WALLS- Use Industrial 409, which can be found at stores such as: Lowes.